Pytania do Kobry

Cobra Intervies series


“Proszę zadaj swoje pytania dla Kobry o “Stworzeniu””.

Obecnie, będziemy oczekiwać pytań jedynie na ten temat.


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  1. I like to ask Cobra about Michael Jackson, my question: few times in my Meditation MJ meet with me, he looks pretty, like Lord, he spoke about love and misunderstanding his mission on Erth,please tell to us more about him…is very important to me get some answer because I never was his fan, never I listened his music, for now I love him and I can see his light…

  2. I ask Cobra about Magrav by Keshe (from Keshe Foundation), do it work? How about the health pen and other health equipment by Keshe, do it work? Greetings Eugeniusz

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